Equestrian Groundworks projects


Equestrian groundworks sand school

New sand school for an equestrian estate, Newdigate, Surrey

The construction of a sand school or riding arena is a significant investment for any equestrian centre. This is because high-quality materials and the right drainage system are needed to achieve a really effective, durable and all-weather riding surface. Read more >

Sand school and stable block, Newdigate,  Surrey

This equestrian project was undertaken for our client in Newdigate Surrey. We constructed and completed all the groundworks and drainage for their stable block, which comprised of three stables, tack room and hay and carriage store, as well as a large 50m x 20m sand school.  Read more >


New 50 x 25 metre Sand school, Warnham,  West Sussex

This equestrian sand school project for our clients from Warnham, West Sussex, was to build a new 50 by 25 metre sand school. This project involved, firstly, excavating and re-levelling the designated site with a fall of 12 inches for the dispersal of water,  Read more >